We are a UK-based foundation providing curriculum-related support, advice and guidance.

We work with schools, school systems, government organisations and ministries worldwide.

We share our experience and expertise to develop the capacity that lies within every organisation.


Our 'Manifesto' for Change

All over the world, curriculum review is taking place. There is widespread recognition that the curriculum of the past is inappropriate for the demands of the 21st century. The importance of knowledge is not in question, but knowledge alone is not enough.

Our young people need to become highly competent. The curriculum must ensure, therefore, that they can develop skills and attitudes to complement their knowledge.

We Believe
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Our curriculum model

Our Tree model:


The branches represent the disciplines and subjects.


The leaves represent the individual pieces of knowledge we want children to acquire from the major branches of learning. The trunk represents the quality of pupils’ learning experiences.


The all-important roots represent learning that enables young people to become critical thinkers, problem-solvers and team players. Here they develop their creativity, their social and communication skills and their confidence, while also learning to investigate, evaluate and take risks within the context of a rich and relevant curriculum.

World-Class Curriculum

The Curriculum Foundation
map learning
map learning
no single vision
A truly world-class curriculum will:
Be rooted in its own locality and context
Meet the needs of its own learners
Take national requirements and international expectations and put them in a local setting
Make learning real, exciting and inspirational
Develop the whole person – intellectual, aesthetic, physical, emotional, spiritual and social
Excite imaginations and fire curiosity
Raise aspirations and widen horizons
Enable every learner to leave school with the confidence, ability and desire to make the world a better place.
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Governments and Ministries

Critical to equipping coming generations to succeed in this age of globalisation is a well-educated population. Governments everywhere are grappling with the question of what they can do to make this a reality. The starting point is a curriculum that sets out ambitious and relevant aims with regard to expected learning.

Curriculum development is a process that many education officials engage with only once. The Curriculum Foundation team has a wealth of experience and expertise in this area. We are working on curricula in countries around the world, assisting governments and education ministries to develop bespoke curricula that will develop learners’ knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies to the highest international standards.

Other Organisations

The Curriculum Foundation’s experts deliver keynote speeches and run curriculum workshops for other organisations too. This aspect of our work covers a broad spectrum of events, from keynote speeches at large international conferences to regional and national workshops with businesses that wish to engage with groups of schools or the education sector in general. The Curriculum Foundation team offers a range of services that respond to the variety of needs and interests of educators and other organisations, in line with our vision for a world-class curriculum.

Individual Schools,
Academies and Groups
of Schools
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Endorsements Endorsements
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Our Patrons
Prof. John Bangs
Sir John Jones
Baroness Estelle Morris
Lord Puttnam Prof.
Sir Ken Robinson
Prof. Mick Waters
Each member of the Curriculum Foundation team has a
passion and an established reputation for developing
world-class curricula and learning experiences for young
people across the 3–19 age range. Between us we have
successful experience as teachers, head teachers,
researchers, Ofsted inspectors, Local Authority officers,
advisers and inspectors, Qualifications and Curriculum
Authority (QCA) leaders and international consultants.
As a result, we are in demand across the country
and around the world in schools and education
ministries, where we bring our expertise to bear
on the challenge of securing optimum outcomes
for every learner.


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